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GETTIER SECURITY has developed an investigation division that sets the standards for the industry. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the finest investigative services available. We are acutely aware that our services must be cost effective. With this in mind, our personnel are recruited from top federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Each investigator is required to have a minimum of five years experience. We do thorough background investigations for each applicant to assure that he and/or she has always demonstrated high ethical standards. Our wide range of investigative security services are customized to meet your particular objectives.

To ensure cost effectiveness and the highest ethical standards, all our investigators attend in-service schools and seminars. They are trained in recent court decisions and a variety of subjects, including the laws of the various states in which they are licensed. They also received courses in the proper methods of confidential surveillance. Quality control is in place for each case assignment. Cases are reviewed weekly by management to assure that each case is pursued in an efficient and timely manner. At the closure of each case, a review is conducted by management to make certain that our quality standards have been met.

Our Investigative Division’s success and growth is the result of proper application of experience, with integrity, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Because every company’s needs are different, we offer a wide range of investigative services that meet our clients’ immediate or long range requirements:

  • Computer Forensic Services (New Service)
  • Background Investigations
  • Location of Missing Persons
  • Insurance Claims Investigations
  • Consulting Services and Surveys
  • Internal Survey Operation

Background Investigations

Money, time and energy are spent in order to train new employees with the assumption that they have already met certain qualifications for the position. Unfortunately, more and more applicants are falsifying their credentials to appeal to personnel departments. GETTIER SECURITY is capable of investigating the backgrounds of such individuals to determine honesty, integrity and loyalty. An investigator from GETTIER SECURITY will verify employment histories as well as social and financial records of potential job candidates. The investigator will also interview pertinent individuals associated with the employer.

Polygraph testing is a proven positive method for the detection of deception. It records continuously, visually, permanently and simultaneously the changes in cardiovascular, respiratory and electrodermal patterns. It is utilized for the purpose of rendering a diagnostic opinion regarding the honesty or dishonesty of an individual. Our staff includes licenses and experienced analysts who are highly skilled in voice stress techniques.

The forensic laboratory is fully equipped to analyze handwriting, typewriting and other documents. Examining employees for drugs and alcohol in the urine and bloodstream is a foolproof test when doubt arises.

Location of Missing Persons

The threat of being abducted is no longer a rare occurrence. More and more children, family members and executives are being taken from school yards, neighborhoods and automobiles. Unfortunately, the rate of these crimes is increasing and local police efforts seem to be less effective.

GETTIER SECURITY specializes in tracking and locating the whereabouts of children wrongfully taken by a parent, children who have been abandoned, or who have been kidnapped from their families. We also specialize in the investigations and guarding of executives who have been victimized by terrorist tactics.Each investigator has a network of information available to him and/or her. This, in turn, will benefit the client by accelerating the process of locating victims.

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Insurance Claims Investigations

GETTIER SECURITY investigative personnel specialize in workmen’s compensation, malpractice, fire and product/auto liability cases. Extensive research is completed and a thorough report submitted on the data resulting from documents collected, observations made and photographs obtained.

Consulting Services and Surveys

Our physical security specialists have provided consultant services for over 25 years to numerous Fortune 500 Corporations such as Lever Brothers and Nabisco Brands. Our specialists will analyze and evaluate your current security systems through in-depth inspections, interviews with management personnel, supervisors and the security force. Review security instructions, orders, emergency plans, facility policies and procedures. From this study a comprehensive security survey will result and a written report will be submitted. Our 300 point survey is ideal for companies which are just beginning operations, are in the process of an acquisition or are planning to alter routines in the Security/Safety Department. Our consulting services and surveys are available during daylight and evening hours.

Internal Survey Operation

Undercover investigation services have been employed by industries and businesses for many years. This service is regularly used when a specific problem must be defined and resolved. It is also regularly employed by client management to provide general operating insights that can not be obtained in any other manner. On any given occasion, it is not unusual for GETTIER SECURITY’ investigative staff to be involved in numerous investigations of this type.