Comprehensive Security Services

Around the clock security for the assets you can see, and protection against the risks you can’t

Protecting Your Investment

GETTIER SECURITY Mobile Patrol Services – Mobile Patrols Security provides comprehensive security services for today’s businesses, managed and delivered by qualified professionals.

Our first priority is to develop and maintain a safe and secure environment for you and your employees, clients and customers.

From commercial, retail and industrial sites, to residential or government property, our goal is to provide your tenants, customers and guests with a safe and secure environment in which to work, shop or live. We recognize that quality, professional security service provides more than just value-added business benefit, it also provides greater peace of mind.

GETTIER SECURITY is a team of knowledgeable professionals, each an expert in a particular field and each dedicated to accomplishing the client’s security objectives.

We believe there are no stock answers or set formulas for providing a secure environment. Each situation must be analyzed in the context of your individual needs. we work with you to develop a tailored security management program that best fits your particular goals and objectives.

It is this attention to detail and our ability to respond to individual needs that has led our reputation for quality, reliable and comprehensive security solutions.

Experience Matters

GETTIER SECURITY currently provides security services nationally to leading corporate, retail, industrial and government organizations.

Our highly-experienced management team oversees each security program, from initial design to execution with a dedicated account supervisor who serves as your day-to-day liaison. Our entire organization, from our President, Daniel Coe, and Executive Vice President, Cheryl Chalow, to the members of our support staff, have just one mission – to meet your security needs quickly and effective.

We offer a wide range of customized security services including:

  • Uniformed security services
  • Executive protection
  • Security vulnerability assessments
  • Special events security


Comprehensive Security Services

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