GETTIER SECURITY provides comprehensive security services for today’s businesses, managed and delivered by qualified professionals.

Our first priority is to develop and maintain a safe and secure environment for you and your employees, clients and customers.

From commercial, retail and industrial sites, to residential or government property, our goal is to provide your tenants, customers and guests with a safe and secure environment in which to work, shop or live.  We recognize that quality professional security service provides more than just a value-added business benefit.  Professional security also provides greater peace of mind.

GETTIER SECURITY is a team of knowledgeable professionals, each an expert in a particular field and each dedicated to accomplishing the client’s security objectives.


GETTIER SECURITY currently provides security services nationally to leading corporate, retail, industrial and government organizations.

Our highly-experienced management team oversees each security program, from initial design to execution, with a dedicated account supervisor who serves as your day to day liaison.  Our entire organization, from our President, Cheryl Chalow, and  Vice President/Operations,  Lisa Spatafore, to the members of our support staff, have just one mission – to meet your security needs quickly and effective

A national full-service investigative and protective security agency, GETTIER SECURITY provides our clients the best in:

  • Investigative Services
  • Industrial Security
  • Executive/Personal Protection
  • Effective Preparedness is the Key to Personal Protection

In a changing world being prepared is the key to Security and Protection. GETTIER SECURITY can provide you, your family and business with a security risk profile and appropriate protective measures and personnel to minimize exposure at home, at work or while traveling.

Risk evaluation and protection is engineered by a select group of personnel with Federal and State security expertise.

We provide the following Protective Services:     

  • Executive
  • Family
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Corporate Down-sizing
  • Background Investigations

Things Are Not Always What They Seem.

Money, time and energy are spent in order to train new employees with the assumption that they have already met certain qualifications for the position. Unfortunately, more and more applicants are falsifying their credentials to appeal to personnel departments.

GETTIER SECURITY is capable of investigating the backgrounds of such individuals to determine honesty, integrity and loyalty. Our investigator will verify employment histories as well as social and financial records of potential job candidates. He or she will also interview pertinent individuals associated with the employee.

We require that a Background Authorization be completed and signed by each individual, even though some of the information is of public record. The following is a partial listing of the various types of background searches which GETTIER SECURITY has the ability to perform:

  • Consumer Credit Report
  • Current Employer Search
  • Workers Compensation Records
  • Social Security Search
  • Drivers License History
  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Military Records
  • Criminal Conviction History
  • Real Property Records
  • National Locator Search
  • National Telephone Search
  • Uniform Commercial Code Reports
  • Business Report
  • Descendant Trace
  • FAA Registration Information
  • Pleasure Craft Registration
  • Pretrial Reporting and Investigation

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Security Consultation

Something is not right within your business. The business seems to be running at full capacity, yet you are just about breaking even, the profit you expected is not there, there are unsubstantiated rumors about drug use, theft, malfeasance, and other illicit activities.

This potential scenario occurs on a daily basis throughout the country. What should you do?

GETTIER SECURITY will examine your assets and how they are protected, review any threats facing your business, and determine whether or not you have any vulnerabilities. Most importantly, our consultants are able to perform risk analyses and Security Evaluations. As part of this review, a confidential written report will be provided. The report will detail the vulnerabilities discovered, and will suggest cost effective recommendations that will reduce or eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Our analysis and recommendations will protect your most important business assets and ensure business continuity.

Guard Services

  • Leaders in corporate and business security.
  • Highly Skilled Experienced Professional.

Our staff of investigators and security personnel provide effective response to the most critical security situation. Whether you own or manage commercial, retail, industrial, residential, or government property, our goal is to recognize your security needs as a value added benefit by providing your tenants and their customers or guests, with a safe and secure environment in which to work, shop, or live, without fear and with peace of mind.

Our personnel attend monthly training sessions, continuing education classes and undergo periodic testing to ensure their preparedness and our respected reputation for skilled professionalism. The professional demeanor, appearance and attitude of our officers merely compliments their technical abilities in handling a wide range of situations in a prompt, safe, and controlled manner.

From undercover investigations to on-site security patrols, GETTIER SECURITY assures you of quality results from qualified highly-trained personnel.

Quality Assurance

Our guarantee to you is that we will have the right individual at the right time and in the right place as specified in our contract. Our multi-talented team of executives can make this promise stemming from years of dealing with situations like yours with exemplary results.

All services are available 24 hours a day, and our agents are furnished with state-of-the-art-surveillance, communications and protective equipment.