Homeland Security

Making sure your homeland security is ready when terrorism threatens

As a private military security company, GETTIER SECURITY can help you prepare your homeland security contingency plans and executive protection in the event your business is threatened by global terrorism. GETTIER homeland security can help you develop plans for handling acts of terrorism ranging from threats, to assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, bomb scares and bombings, and computer-based cyber-attacks.

GETTIER homeland security teams offer you worldwide experience in planning and implementing staged homeland security programs that can prepare you to handle the full range of terrorist threat conditions. We can provide a comprehensive threat assessment for each level of risk to decrease your company’s vulnerability and increase your ability to respond with professional threat management, supported by the resources of a private military security company.

GETTIER homeland security and global executive protection services are completely coordinated with the Federal Government’s Homeland Security Advisory System, which categorizes the level of risk of terrorist activity by color:

  • Green = Low risk
  • Blue= Guarded risk
  • Yellow = Elevated risk
  • Orange = High risk
  • Red = Severe risk

Based on our threat assessment of your homeland security needs, our private military company can provide you with full range of worldwide facility, employee, and executive protection, including bodyguards.

Gettier Security Homeland Security

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